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Try-Outs and Membership

Students and non-students (gals and guys) are welcome to try out the sport and become members. This can be done anytime during the fencing season, September - May. Annual membership fees are as follows: 100.00 per semester.. Competitive fencers can go to regional, national and international competitions. Not everybody can be a champ, not everybody is a Count of Monte Christo ..., but anybody can do it and enjoy it. Perhaps you play chess? How about a game of chess while doing the 100-metre dash? That's fencing! Got it? Do it!

UPEI Fencing Club Registration Form

Contact Persons & Coaches

Phil Stewart phone: (902) 566-1073 e-mail: pstewart@pei.sympatico.ca
L. Zimmermann phone: (902) 569-1908 e-mail: zimmermann@upei.ca

Training Sessions

Practices are held regularly on:
Tuesdays: 7:00-8:45 PM. Adult Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced fencers.
Thursdays: To be Announced.
Saturdays: 9:015AM -11:00AM in the U.P.E.I. Sports Centre. Beginners, Young Blades, Intermediate and Advanced fencers.
Additional sessions may be scheduled as they become necessary.

Private lessons are available throughout the week from Monday to Saturday, please email Phil Stewart, Head Coach.