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The University Fencing Club dates back to the academic year 1967/68 when a newly hired faculty member at Prince of Wales College (Charlottetown, P.E.I.) was encouraged by Athletic Director, Earl Nicholson, to found a club for the student body. Prof. Lothar Zimmermann had learned to love the sport during his student days at McMaster University and the University of Toronto. Arriving in Charlottetown, he wanted to continue to fence. To do that, he had to create opponents for himself by teaching others the sport of fencing. And he is still at it today, 35 years later!

Upon the merger of Prince of Wales College and St. Dunstan's University, the PWC Fencing Club became the U.P.E.I. Fencing Club. Over the years, membership has grown and changed. And so have the facilities, the equipment, and the rules of the sport itself. The Club, as the only fencing centre on the Island, became the P.E.I. Fencing Association, and as such, was accepted within the national body, today's Canadian Fencing Federation. More by accident than by design, the Club accepted also members from outside the University community.

The Duellist
Since 1989, PEI fencers have their own annual illustrated news magazine which offers a review of the past season, including results and statistics, archival material, cartoons, information regarding upcoming events, or merely interesting reading material concerning the sport.

You can read Escrime Internationale from the FIE on the latest developments of this sport online.

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